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Swarovski: Stardust!

Something new I’ve seen enter the market, similar to the Shamballa bracelet, is the Stardust bracelet. The ones that caught my eye were from the glittering Swarovski Store, so I popped in to take a look!


It’s got a bit of a magical air to it, as the crystals catch the bright lights in the store, and you can’t help but have a bit of a Gollum* face when entering.

I myself have a slightly cheaper knockoff version from the far east (the one on my wrist). Nonetheless, it isn’t too far off from the real thing, with a similar clasp and same length creating a double bracelet. The only thing that really stands out is the quality of the crystals inside, as the Swarovski crystals are finer, and undoubtably clearly cut well giving that extra glamour. It also adds a fractional more weight to the bracelet, in comparison to the plastic crystals enclosed in mine. Despite the netting enclosure, it’s not too uncomfortable for the skin.

10888189_10155112287920294_845261224_nThere is a wide selection of coloured crystals and netting to suit all occasions; day time neutral colours with a white mesh, or with a black mesh for contrast, as well as darker crystals with a black netting for evening occasions.10913600_10155112287930294_1497912254_n

It’s a simple concept for a bracelet as opposed to arranging the stones into a design concept to match a set; and therefore it is a very versatile piece. At first, I did find it a bit tricky to match with other jewellery (as everything else are in sets), however eventually, I realised this piece is all about the bling. Simple silver studs, and my silver mesh ring paired  with this bracelet very nicely.

It’s an eye-catching, unique bracelet to have in your collection, for any occasion!

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