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Bering: Timeless Romance

Being in a relationship means that every 14th of Feb, girls around the world are wooed by their other halves with all sorts of bright and sparkly things. In fact it’s one of the most popular days to be proposed to, and I was overjoyed to see a Facebook status of a good friend newly engaged.

After extensive research, this year my better half bought me a beautiful Bering watch!



From their small faced selection, it’s a very dainty watch. I did look at larger faced watches in thee, and as beautiful and on trend they are, I liked that the fact that I could accessorize around the watch with bangles and bracelets, rather than the space taken up solely by a larger watch face.  The rose gold and black links are ideal for an evening style watch, matching a lot of evening style rose gold and gold  jewellery.


Above is a couple of pieces that I’ve matched with the watch, sticking to the black and gold, for both a daytime and evening style.

The same weekend we researched our nearest Bering store, which happened to be in Banstead around 10 mins drive away! It was a small town jewellers however, they had a much larger unique selection of watches that, as well as multiple trays of inner and outer rings to choose from. I spent a good half an hour trying on all the different combinations of rings and failing to narrow the choice down, the lady was kind enough to give me a small leaflet of the varieties they have.


I’ve since been browsing through the possibilities, nevertheless I would say that you need to try on a few rings first to see what really suits your finger and the size that fits your hand.

Definitely this year once I have chose, a ring I will invest in one, possibility one to suit my new watch!

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