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Art Decor: Gold, Pearls & Vintage Bracelets – was it just for the Great Gatsby?

On one of my rare days where I can stay at home and relax, I re-watched a new favourite film of mine- the Great Gatsby. I was drawn into the fabulous homes, and glamorous lifestyle they lead, and of course the popular parties they attended. With an eye for detail and of course sparkling things, i found myself almost pausing at points to analyse each outfit and of course the jewellery.

It was then, after the movie, I decided to organise my jewellery into collections, the first set being pearls. It’s funny how usually you would have one classic pearl necklace and stud or drop earrings that go with absolutely everything, but while on the prowl for that perfect set, I’d acquired a selection of pearl styled pieces for different occasions. Below are a few from my selection of Pearl sets, mainly in in gold, as I find it’s a more statement vintage look, and enhances the pearls more so than in silver.




The earrings are very vintage, from my mum’s collection, which blend in very well with a lot of necklaces, or even just on their own. The bracelet is one of my favourites, half pearls and half gold and crystal chains, it’s such a unique yet versatile piece.

The vintage pieces follow with a set of three bracelets and a bracelet watch. Some of them were gifts and some were purchases, mainly from small fairs, especially as it’s quite difficult to find these styles regularly in your usual high street retailers.


Worn separately or together as pictured, they are subtle designs, and some interesting arm candy that will definitely catch the light.

A perfect set of a vintage pearl mixed set I noted from the movie is from Miss Daisy Buchanan’s glorious party outfit.

gatsbyThe stacked pearl bracelet following by the elegant silver hand pendant in the form of a slave bracelet; I personally might see it as something to wear as a statement on it’s own, however I love her outfit of billowing feathers and furs,  and clusters of pearls and diamonds. In fact it makes her body frame and skin seem so pure and delicate in comparison.

It’s a shame that this trend seems to come and go on the high street, it’s so classic and timeless and thankfully remains in more elite stores. Will we need a movie sequel to bring it back?

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