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Barely there and back again; a tale of two chains

Dainty and simple, the timeless trend revisiting our high streets are the invisible accessories! Tiny chains, drops of pendants and narrower rings cling preciously to their cardboard holders, glimmering at us, while we try to avoid knocking them over.

all the chains
This is my look; despite lovingly gazing at big bright glittery things, I actually prefer minimalism when I decide to wear jewellery. Small, thin, pieces that cling to my skin and catches the fluorescent lighting of the office corridors.
I’m also drawn to block coloured usually darker clothing which always seems to compliment the tiniest of chains, while I tend to shy away from patterns and bright colours where I wouldn’t even dream of wearing anything sparkly- introvert much?

After much umm-ing, pointing and hassling the jeweller at our local store, I managed to pick out the thinnest chains I could see, for my husband to (after much patience), finally gift me with. Armed with these threads of gold and silver, I experimented, dressing them with almost any pendant that they could hold the weight of. Of course being me, I picked the smallest crystal stones to compliment my chains.

stag shot

blue magpie gold

#A good withstanding chain is definitely a staple diet in any jewellery box, and with the designs out there, it is impossible to choose just one to create your own signature chain. With my obession, I have to force myself, or on many occasions be dragged away, in fear of hoarding the lot!




Once you’ve joined this crazy cult, you’ll definitely find that unlike your chunky statement necklace, you cannot simply fling these on your dressing table at the end of the day. After many tears and praying to St Anthony, there are a few handy tips I would recommend in maintaining your tiny tidbits!

  1. Sock it – if you loose a tiny piece, (I’m sure you’ve seen this one before) pop a thin sock over your the end of your hoover and whizz it around. It should soon be sucked out from whence is came, and will be trapped by your sock (dark colours help visually).
  2. Hang’em – The best way to prevent those frustrating tangles is to hang your chains. There’s a huge selection to choose from, from fancy dressed mini mannequins to sleek wire trees. Another safe and tidier place that I keep most of my delicate pieces is a gorgeous mirrored jewellery drawer set – the interior black crushed velvet not only prevents the chains from sliding around, the contrast helps you keep tabs on the tiniest bits!
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