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Jolie’s Gems

Undoubtedly one of the most classiest women of our time, it definitely did come as a global shock when dream couple Angelina and Brad decided to untie the knot.

Now that the divorce has reached the dreaded process of asset dividing, the world has chosen to scrutinize each brick of their mansions to see who gets what. As a massive fan of Miss Jolie, as an actor, a mother, a spokeswoman, a recent educator, and most importantly a huge style icon, the request to keep her jewellery during the divide, caught my utmost interest!

First and foremost, I would presume that the first piece of jewellery in her box to be debated with, would be her custom made Procop engagement ring. It is noticeable the time and care taken to create this stunning unique wedding ring, she was indeed a lucky lady.

engagement ring.jpg

Jolie’s style is very simple, and extremely bold. Her iconic emeralds have definitely caught our eyes; wearing nothing else but a huge pair of earrings, she steals the red carperts at every moment.


One of my favourite films featuring Angelina is the Tourist, where I’m sure you’ll agree, her beauty is pronounced tenfold as she is adorned in the most luxurious outfits and most glittering gems.

The most impressive and classic outfit in the movie is her pure white silken dress, followed by dangerously red lips and finished with brilliant diamonds.


Her necklace below , the ‘Elise Choker’  was designed by Robert Procop for ‘The Tourist’.


On a ‘day to day’ basis she maintains her  fresh faced simple elegance, most of the time with stud earrings and pearls, occasionally with the minimalist chain and pendant necklaces.

Key tips for the glamourous Jolie look:

  1. Stick to a statment piece, whether it be simple or chunky, keep the focus on one place and work your outfit, make up and hair to enhance it
  2. Colours- Jolie tends to wear block colours, if she’s going for a statement piece, she tends to stick to black; smaller pieces, she merges in with the colours of her outfit.
  3. Find your complimentaty style – experiment with earrings, does your face suit studs, drops or chandelier styles better. Once you’ve got the shape right, it will automatically stand out – in a good way!

And most importantly don’t forget, you own that red carpet!



Images sourced via Google & Pinterest from various sources.

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