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Tresemme Co-poo

Having blindly grasped for the conditioner bottle instead of shampoo before, I wasn’t a novice to the idea; however I was intrigued to find a product specifically made for the idea. I received a sample of Tresemme’s latest shampoo and condition combination, and decided to try it out. 



My hair: curly (frizzy), shoulder length (when curly), very hard to manage and dry with a few split ends.


  1. Conditioner:

Sadly there wasn’t a lot in the sample, it just about cover the very end part of my hair. Especially with curly hair, conditioner must be in abundance; therefore I was forced to add in my usual conditioner – Tresemme Naturals. I worked the product(s) in from roots to tips, and left for 2 mins before rinsing out.

      2. Shampoo:

 Fortunately there was a lot of shampoo! A white and creamy texture, it lathered very quickly and I was able to cover my scalp and hair generously in a soft foam massage.

While rinsing, I noticed that I didn’t have the same softness that I would usually have if I was washing out the conditioner last.

      3.  Styling:

As always, I left my hair to air-dry with no product added. I could see a slight addition of volume, but my hair remained fairly dry.

The following morning I used Tresemme’s sleek hair serum and heat protecting spray, before straightening my hair. My hair managed to retain some volume over the morning, but had definitely fallen by the evening.


 The Verdict:

As the range is designed to be used inversely, I wasn’t surprised at the creamy rather than gel texture of the shampoo, but at the feel of my hair while it rinsed away. I expected the shampoo to have more of a conditioner like impact to maintain moisture, and still have a fresh voluminous feeling (am I asking too much?). Unfortunately there was not enough of the conditioner to conclude if the duo work well simultaneously.

 I don’t think this hair is great for curly hair types, using the shampoo last resulted in my hair becoming very dry and difficult to style. I’m glad the volume lasted into the following day and I was able to straighten my hair with an almost just washed feeling; but as a person who hair-washes bi-weekly, disappointed that it didn’t survive.

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