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5 pieces for City Working

  1. Studs – keep the chandeliers at home, when you’re in the working environment, you want to keep a clear focused face. Whether your hair is up or down, a pair of simple elegant studs will frame and smarten your look perfectly.
  1. The time keeper – how else are you going to be checking how late you’re going to be! Keep your watch simple and functional, you don’t want to have a chunky, bling-y piece dangling off your wrist.
  1. Necklaces –let your inspiration guide you; dependent on your outfit and your neckline, you can opt for a bold statement necklace, a long pendant chain or a simple barely there piece to keep your neck line from looking too naked. It’s important to incorporate your earring choice as well.silver-work-01


  1. Rings – do not overload your fingers with midi rings or nail toppers that will annoy your co-workers as you tap away at the keyboard. You want to keep your hands clean and efficient. Stick to minimal simple bands (perhaps with a little bling) and perhaps a statement ring to match your outfit when you’re feeling adventurous.
  1. Bracelets- usually discouraged as it can be considered hazardous in most work environments, but dependent on how hands-on you’re getting, it’s nice to go with something simple to balance out your watch.


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