Sleek Make-up: Colour Corrector

Having discovered this new way to conceal the rainbow of acne scars on my face, I was fascinated to try out colour correcting. Not wanting to spend a fortune without testing colours (and deciding if I could do it properly), I researched into an affordable and recommended colour corrector to test out.

A number of people highly recommended the very reasonably priced ‘Sleek’ colour correcting pallete:


New to this, I was very happy to find a guide on the back for which colours to use:

It’s a creamy texture and pics up well on my brush (I’m using ELF’s small contour brush as it’s great for small areas).

It’s fairly easy to swipe onto my face and build up coverage dependent on how much you want to conceal each part. I chose not to use my normal concealer on top this time – mainly to see the effects of coverage of each colour.

I’d say I have more purple – bluish acne scars on my jawline, dark circles creeping under my lower eyelid, and  a very slight redness on my forehead (that can almost be counted as ‘glow’).

I must say it’s a little daunting to have a lot of blue and green on your face as if not blended in can go horribly wrong.

Following the corrector, I used a touch of Maxfactor’s long lasting foundation (liquid) to over the concealer (I know I usually am a powder person, but I felt a liquid would ensure the odd colours didn’t come through); followed by Bare minerals warm glow to get rid of any further ‘whiteness’ and finally a tap of Revolutions banana powder to set!

It’s a great starter kit if you’re like me and want to experiment first. I must say I used minimal product at first out of fear of it not blending in, but I’ll definitely be a bit more adventurous next time!

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