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Double Cleansing with Super Facialist

OK, I admit there are some days that I can’t be bothered to wash my make up off with a bar of soap let alone a facial wash and micellar water, and then I do face the effects of panda eyes and a sticky face the next morning…eww!

I heard about double cleansing through a friend of mine, and initially thought ‘ do I really need to start ..?’ But having been strict on myself the  past few weeks and ensuring that at what ever time I’m home, however lazy I’m feeling, I will wash my make up off (some times even using the cleanser twice), I have felt my skin feeling clearer and cleaner and generally more healthier. 

The best reviews I’ve read so far are for Super Facialist vitamin C + Skin renew cleansing oil by Una Brennan, so off to Boots I went and grabbed a 200ml bottle for a very reasonable £7.32! 

Double cleansing works like this:

1.Remove any make up with make up remover pads, wipes and solutions.

2. With dry hands (very important they are dry) Pour a little oil onto your fingers and massage it all over your face for around 1-2mins.

3. Leave the oil on your face for around 3-5 mins (I left it on while I brushed my teeth)

4. With warm water, wash the oil off your face. When the water touches the oil, it emusifies and becomes soapy making it easier to wash off.

5. Use your foam/facial cleanser  as per usual (this is your second cleanse)

6. Dry and spot treat/moisturise as usual.

The first time I tried the oil with a full face of make up, I didn’t use make up remover prior, as I wanted to test the oils removing power. I was  honestly pretty amazed; after washing the oil off, especially the harder to remove eye make up, my face was already cleaner with next to zero panda eye residue. 

On the weekends, I like to replace my foam cleanser with Body Shop’s Tea Tree facial scrub. It’s a light scrub that can be used for daily use, and once a week with the oil can help to scrub away the dead skin before using a spot treatement – such as Dr Botanicals superfood serum!

There have been weeks where I feel like using an loofer on my face every day as I want my skin to be cleaner and clearer, but of course this would be too harsh on my skin. Double cleansing with the oil has been a dream come true. After two uses I feel like my skin is truly refreshed and I can’t wait to see the long term results!

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