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The Eden Project, Devon

The Eden Project is definitely a must see for anyone living in the South of England. It’s a perfect fun filled day out for the family, or for a relaxing stroll through it’s gardens for a romantic weekend.

Despite the forecast of heavy rain, we were able to enjoy the outside gardens during the spells of sunshine, and entered the biomes just as the heavens opened.

It’s a truly magical experience walking through the rain forest, encountering a huge variety of fauna from all over the world. Here are a few of my favourite features and fauna from the biomes:

The biomes are incredible in size and contain a diverse range of documented plants, from the tallest of trees to the tiniest flowers. With stunning waterfalls and a walkway leading right up to the canopy, it’s wonderful to engage with nature and definitely makes you feel a little adventurous.

The second Mediterranean biome has a wonderfully cool and relaxing atmosphere perfect for a romantic meal at it’s restaurant while listening to a live band.

Travelling with our own pooch, we made a few furry friends during our day too!

Photography: Copyrighted – BlueMagpie.London.




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