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GOGI Restaurant, Korean Bar & Grill

For my brother’s 23rd birthday, he booked a cosy Korean place down Edgware road, upon the canal in Little Venice.

It’s a cosy a quirky little place, with caged bulb lighting, mixed with a red hue for an sophisticated eccentric atmosphere. The tables are set apart enough so that you aren’t knocking elbows or peering into anyone else’s grill, but still enough tables to seat a number of diners.

Korean restaurants incorporate a portable grill embedded into your table (IKEA needs to catch on) to both cook and keep your food nice and warm! Being a very amateur chef myself, the concept of cooking my food at the table seemed both laborious and intriguing, however I found it to be neither in this instant.

Our chosen pre-marinated meat portions were quickly grilled in front of us to our perfection and left for us to pick at and progressively with our rice. Despite us picking a mixture of meats, they seemed to have thought through our palate, starting with the pork belly, then beef rib strips and finishing with the spicy pork again.


My husband being vegetarian opted for their Veg Fried Rice, incoroporating their signature Kimchi, providing a sourish, vinegary flavour, mellowed with the egg. To accompany our grilled meats, the we ordered one of the best egg fried rice’s I’ve ever hard, generously filled egg and spring onions.

Last but not least not forgetting dessert! At first I thought their selection seemed limited and not as exciting as expected, however they were absolutely delicious, not diabetic-ally sweet or heavy and the perfect treat to end the meal.

We all chose a traditional Korean cinnamon and ginger drink which we sipped throughout our courses. Initially thinking it had lemon seeds and happily surprised to find they were pine nuts, it was light, sweet, and in it’s own way a refreshing beverage; a small glass being enough to last throughout the meal.

Service: We were really impressed with the fast service, they seated us immediately, and all our plates and drinks were served alot faster than expected. Even the waiter grilling the food for us on our table was quick and efficient and not at all in the way of our socialising.

Price: Decently priced, the portions were enough and as you’re eating progressively and sharing platters, you fill up quickly. On average for (shared) 3 courses is approx £30.00pp.

If you’re into your Asian foods (particularly meats) and fancy a bit of interaction during your meal then Korean at GOGI would be the perfect dinner out!

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