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Dr Botanicals: Japanese Orange Revive & Firm Facial Serum

I always think you can never go wrong with organic, good quality products; rather than constantly burning away your skin with strong acids, organically exfoliating and naturally replenishing won’t do you any wrong. Particularly for fairly sensitive skin like mine, it’s the safest option and I find that it works for me really well.

I’ve been captured by London based brand, Dr Botanicals. Containing exactly what it says on the bottle. Vegan and additive free, you can both smell and feel the goodness within their creams and products.

My first review (but funnily enough not my first product) is the Japanese Firming Serum. For the first time using this, I chose to try it as a night time serum. Applying it after double cleansing, I chose not to apply toners or any other serums or moisturisers in order to gauge the effect of the serum on it’s own.

I was surprised to find the solution a bit watery like (I was expecting a thicker oil like consistancy), but I was very pleased how easily it dripped onto my skin.  A few drops go a long way, and it is very fast absorbing, however immediately leaves a sticky to touch feel on your skin straight after application when trying to rub it in. I found a quick swipe with your finger tips over your face was the best way to spread the solution. The stickiness worried me at first – if this would last throughout the night, but if you leave it to dry properly, it is perfectly fine and smooth in about 10 mins or so.

And boy did I wake up with amazing skin, my face felt so smooth and soft, and my skin did not feel saggy or drained at all, but young and hydrated.

I’ve used this for about a week on my face and neck and I’ve loved how soft a supple my skin feels in the mornings. It’s not harsh so you can’t use it everyday, and it’s great for if that fresh morning no make up look!


*Disclaimer – I only paid p&p for this item, for my honest review*

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