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Dr Botanicals: Ultra Repair Overnight Regenerating Treatment

I’ve always just slapped on the nearest cream I can reach, whether it be body, hand, face or even foot when it’s come to finding a cream to put on before bed. When starting to look into my skincare regime, I realised that what you put on in the night is probably the most important product in your routine. Therefore I was very excited to receive this product as it is my first ever proper night cream!

On opening this jar of  I was warmly greeted with a lovely slight floral smell. The consistancy of the cream was surprising, as to touch it had a slightly gel like feel, but still soft, creaming and very fast absorbing into my thirsty skin.

Unlike the serums, it rubbed in well after cleansing and left no residue feelings after application. The tiniest bit is all that is needed (I’m still using the cream on the lid!), dot around your face and neck followed by a quick massage to help it soak in.  I slept beautifully (excuse the pun) and was happy to see my skin feeling and looking well hydrated in the morning.

The cream is of course not as strong as the serum, and that effect was noticeable having used one product one night, and the other the following evening. However, it’s gentle and great to use on a daily basis to help your skin repair gradually.


*Disclaimer- I only paid P&P for this product to provide my honest review*

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