An alternative Capsule Wardrobe approach

Is it just me or when I see  ‘Capsule Wardrobe’, I see, black, white, grey and nude with the occasional splash of navy blue and a ravishing red and suddenly feel the need to ditch everything I own and splurge on a designer plain white t-shirt!

Thankfully, I’ve decided on a solution to avoid the splurge, and still build my perfect wardrobe!

  1. Stop spending – you’ve got to be strict on yourself and to say “I’m not spending another dime on any item of clothing at all!” This doesn’t just mean tops and jeans, but underwear, coats, jackets, scarves – everything!
  2. Start outfit planning –  I work away from home during the week and am forced to outfit plan for each of the 5 days. This has been a huge insight into how repetitive I’ve been when choosing outfits, and it has encouraged me to start mixing up my outfits.
  3. Categorise – slowly as you start planning you will automatically start organising your wardrobe which in the long run helps you to design better outfits.
  4. Throw away – any item of clothing that is beyond repair (too many holes or threads hanging out) get rid of it, BUT do not replace it! You have plenty more socks in your draw ready to be used instead.
  5. Donate /Sell – items that definitely don’t want and/or do not (and will not in the future) fit into anymore go into the donate or sell pile. Dependant on how charitable you are feeling/ how much time you have to sell clothes, you can choose where they wish to go.
Things to AVOID – the last thing you want to do is empty out all your closets into a huge pile and sort through. I guarantee for the most part, it will be impossible to de-clutter this way, and you most likely will end up cramming it all back in (as I have done in the past). By picking out weekly outfits and cutting out new items, you will slowly start to understand your own personal style and what you really like and dislike.
DO treat yourself – I don’t mean splurge as soon as you’ve thrown just one t-shirt out, but if you have managed to slim down a selection of jumpers for example, and you want to replace them with one or two (capsule remember) staple jumpers that you will comfy in for several winters for years, you can start to create you capsule style slowly.
I like to watch out for such items in the sales ensuring I get quality and keeping my costs low.
These simple 5 steps are definitely the way forward to slowly building your own very personal capsule wardrobe, while saving money and most importantly sticking to your style!
Personal Note:
When outfit planning I realised, I’ve got to stop reaching for the first few (usually the newest) things I’ve had in my wardrobe and dig in further for that top I’ve put away for a ‘special occasion’ or ‘better weather’ and incorporate it into my outfit of the day.  
Have splurged on the summer sales, my challenge for now (until maybe Xmas) is to stop buying more clothes and use what’s already in my wardrobe and continue to mix and match/ customise what I already have in my fairly larger than 37 piece capsule!

Wish me luck!


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