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Instagram: How to take blogging photos during your daily life

Like most of you out there, I spend ages scrolling through instagram and stare in awe at the beautifully shot fashion and lifestyle photos of most of the top end, popular career bloggers.

But for those of us who are not yet career bloggers,  it can be a struggle to find the time to take great pictures, so here are a few tips to ensure you always have material to keep you instafeed going:

Things you need:

  1. Have a good phone with alot of memory.
  2. Download a good and easy phone friendly photo editing software.
  3. An instagram/social media platform.
Things to snap:
  1. Document your daily items – if you’ve put on a different necklace today, or switched bags, or even something as simple as your face cleanser and cream, it won’t take more than 2 mins to arrange them on a desktop, a windowsill, on your sofa or by a plain coloured wall to create a quick artsy snap.
  2. Walk past a cool cafe or artsy looking building, stop and take a snap. You don’t need diffusers or flashes to get a great picture, it looks more real in the daylight (and you can edit anyways).
  3. Use nature – if you’ve got some trinkets that you’d like to showcase – grab a desk plant or your fruit for lunch, go out into your garden or drive and hang it off a branch or a leaf or place it on the green grass. I personally find the natural colours really enhance the metals.
  4. Cushions and rugs are your best friends when it comes to ‘flat-lays.’ They provide the perfect background with added texture to compliment your pieces.
  5. Your front door – front doors, flat doors, garage doors, brick walls, – all great to pose in front of for that ‘ootd’ look.11
  6. Invest in a selfie stick – I was against these at first, but if you’re on your own and it helps you to capture more of a backdrop in your photo, this is THE lifesaver.
  7. The last resort- marry a photographer (like I did – check out the hubster!) or alternatively have a friend grab take a few snaps for you to choose from later on 🙂

And always remember, take TONS (and i mean tons) of photos. 🙂 
Once you’ve filled your phone with snaps – use the time you have in between doing things to edit your photos – while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting for a train, on the train, on the loo… there are many minutes in the day you can spare for quick edit.
And finally you have a bank of photos to choose from. Pick a day, pick a mood, write a caption and voila, you’re blogging your lifestyle – *cheers!*
It’s fun to get a little creative everyday, and once you’re in the mood, your mini photoshoot can take a little longer than expected, but you’ll come out with some great material in the end! 
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