There is nothing more exciting than having a holiday to look forward to within the first month of the year. It wipes away the holiday blues and gets you buzzing with a countdown for the next exciting adventure.

The weather this January has been a roller coaster of deceivingly light sunny days to a flurry of stormy wind and rain; so as you can imagine, the warm, gold sun of the canary islands was welcomed with opened arms.

Our hen party of 14 gorgeous girls spent 4 days both exploring the island as well as relaxing in the resort.

Volcano Teide – Sunset Tour – this was such a memorable experience, driving up to the cable cars, and then trekking 30 feet below the summit of this dormant volcano to the perfect sunset spot.

Our only unique find to Tenerife, was their unique serving of a coffee called Barraquito. Served as follows: a shot of condensed milk, coffee, liquor 43, topped up with milk and finished off with a touch of grated lemon peel and cinnamon. Delicious!

An afternoon of dolphin spotting:
Evenings at the bars and local clubs:
Definitely the go to place if you just want a weekend to unwind by the pool with a cocktail or two, enjoy some fun and frivolity, and most importantly, relax.
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